Website history

The Society of Early Americanists Website, a brief history

The Society of Early Americanists Website was originally designed and created in 1994 by Professor Michael P. Clark, University of California, Irvine who launched the site in 1995 and served as Webmaster until 2006. In doing so, Michael Clark created a web home for early Americanists. The SEA homepage was indeed ahead of its time by providing a virtual community of scholars, even before we met in Charleston in 1999 for our first SEA conference.

Over these years, Michael Clark gathered together a webteam to create and sustain associated pages on teaching and other resources that includes Edward J. Gallagher, Lehigh University; Hal Halbert, Valley Forge Military Academy and College; Tamara Harvey, George Mason University; Susan Imbarrato, Minnesota State University Moorhead; Mark Kamrath, University of Central Florida; Lisa Logan, University of Central Florida; Andrew Newman, State University of New York at Stony Brook, along with Ray Craig, Kent State University who manages the SEA listserv. The SEA webteam thanks Michael for his generous leadership and creative vision.

In 2017 webmaster Susan Imbarrato and SEA Vice President Gordon Sayre worked with the design firm Webstix to upgrade and redesign the site in a WordPress format.


“The top stamp shows a viking ship pointing towards Greenland and Canada, and is dedicated to the Icelandic Viking discoverer Leif Eriksson, who was the first European to land in the Americas around 1000, some 500 years before Columbus. The bottom stamp shows the ship of Columbus “Santa Maria” pointing towards the Caribbean, where he landed in 1492.” Faeroe Islands 1992. Joint issue with Iceland. Souvenir sheet dedicated to “Discoveries”. On the Track of the Vikings: Raiders and Traders of the North Described Through Postage Stamps.

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