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The Society of Early Americanists Junior Scholars’ Caucus

SEA Junior Scholars’ Caucus Mentoring Program

The Junior Scholars’ Caucus invites scholars of all levels to contribute to our mentoring program. Mentoring relationships enhance junior scholars’ access to professional opportunities, integrate junior scholars into the SEA community of researchers, and facilitate excellent intellectual work. We pair mentors and mentees based on a discrete task, like providing advice on a specific career stage, reading the work in progress of a mentee, writing recommendation letters upon familiarity with a mentee’s work, or providing feedback on teaching and syllabi. We will also provide opportunities for mentors and mentees to network at conferences.

The JSC envisions that mentoring a junior scholar will not engage more than a business day (8 hours) of a scholar’s time over the course of a single semester. However, the parameters of the mentoring arrangement are ultimately up to the participants to decide. In recognition of the importance of diverse perspectives and influences on intellectual life, the JSC encourages junior scholars to seek multiple mentors, advisors, and sponsors throughout their early careers.

To get involved, contact JSC co-presidents Jessica Taylor at jessicataylor@vt.edu or Kaitlin Tonti at KTonti2@gmail.com. Or, you can email the SEA Jr. Caucus gmail page directly at seajurcaucus@gmail.com


SEA Jr Scholar Caucus Email Address: seajrcaucus@gmail.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SEAJRScholars/

Twitter Page: SEA Jr. Scholars’ Caucus: https://twitter.com/CaucusJr


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