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Here is an overview of the journal from the Early American Literature website:

Early American Literature, published three times a year, is the journal of the Society of Early Americanists and of the MLA’s Forum on Early American Literature. Its province is American literature through the early national period (about 1830). Founded in 1965, EAL invites work treating Native American traditional expressions, colonial Ibero-American literature from North America, colonial American Francophone writings, Dutch colonial, and German American colonial literature as well as writings in English from British America and the US.

— Editor, 
Marion Rust, University of Kentucky


Early American Literature Book Prize 2020

The editors of Early American Literature are pleased to announce the sixth annual Early American Literature Book Prize, which will be given for an author’s first academic monograph about American literature through the early national period (roughly 1830). 

Please see the complete announcement here: 2020 Book Prize announcement

Thank you!

Early American Literature Book Prize for 2019

Dear colleagues,

Exciting news! See EAL’s announcement here: EAL 2019 Book Prize Announcement.


Marion Rust, Editor, Early American Literature
Professor, Department of English
University of Kentucky

The Early American Literature Podcast is officially online!

You can find episodes for 53.3 and 54.1 on the EAL website, here:

Table of Contents, Early American Literature, volume 55volume 54; volume 53:

Statement of the Early American Literature 2018 Book Prize Announcement:

EAL 2018 Book Prize Announcement

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