SEA Council of Officers
Executive Officers, 2019 – 2021

Patrick M. Erben
(University of West Georgia)

Ralph Bauer
Vice President
(University of Maryland)

Sandra M. Gustafson
Executive Coordinator
(University of Notre Dame)


Advisory Officers

Immediate Past President, Gordon Sayre (University of Oregon)
SEAN Editor, Mary M. Balkun (Seton Hall University)
Webmaster, Susan Imbarrato (Minnesota State University Moorhead)
EARAM-L Moderator, Raymond Craig (Bowling Green State University)

Past Presidents

2017-19: Gordon Sayre, University of Oregon
2015-17: Laura M. Stevens, University of Tulsa
2013-15: Kristina Bross, Purdue University
2011-13: Hilary E. Wyss, Trinity College
2009-11: Susan Imbarrato, Minnesota State University Moorhead
2007-09: Thomas W. Krise, University of Guam
2005-07: Dennis Moore, Florida State University
2003-05: Zabelle Stodola, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2001-03: Philip Gould, Brown University
1999-01: David S. Shields, University of South Carolina
1997-99: Sharon Harris, University of Connecticut
1995-97: Rosemary Fithian Guruswamy, Radford University
1990-95: Carla Mulford, Founding President, Pennsylvania State University


Image of Gordon Sayre
Gordon Sayre
University of Oregon
Image of Laura M. Stevens
Laura M. Stevens
University of Tulsa
Kristina Bross
Kristina Bross
Purdue University
Hilary E. Wyss
Hilary E. Wyss
Trinity College
Thomas W. Krise
Thomas W. Krise
University of Guam
Dennis Moore
Dennis Moore
Florida State University
Zabelle Stodola
Zabelle Stodola
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Philip Gould
Philip Gould
Brown University
David S. Shields
David S. Shields
University of South Carolina



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