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SEA 2020 Special Topics Conference

The Society of Early Americanists Special Topics Conference “What Does It Mean to Remember?” will be held in Exeter, UK, 24-27 June 2020. Hosted by University of Exeter, 24-26 June and University of Plymouth, 27 June.

Please see below the Call for Papers and information about the Travel Grants for Native and Indigenous Participants.

The deadline for proposals and for the travel grants is 15 October 2019.

Call for Papers

The Society of Early Americanists welcomes proposals for panels, roundtables, workshops, and working groups for an international conference to be held at the University of Exeter (24-26 June 2020) and the University of Plymouth (27 June 2020). Designed to coincide with the four-hundred-year anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth, Devon (where keynote and plenary roundtable events will be held on 27 June) to New Plymouth, the conference will be particularly concerned to address:

  • The guiding question(s) “What Does It Mean to Remember” or “How Do We Remember?”
  • Anglo-American-Indigenous relations in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

The organizers welcome individual or panel contributions (traditional or innovative) to be delivered at the University of Exeter on 25 or 26 June. Papers and panels may engage with the following topics, though we emphasize that this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Transatlantic circulation of people, ideas, texts, foods, goods, things
  • The “Winthrop fleet”—technology, people, motivations, microhistories
  • The English diaspora in the Americas and globally in the 17th century
  • Indigenous travelers to and/or perspectives on England/Europe
  • American Puritanism “before the fact”
  • Commemorations and remembrances of the Mayflower, Thanksgiving, Plymouth Rock.
  • Exeter, the South West and the Pilgrims
  • Digital Pilgrims (DH approaches and applications)
  • Popular Pilgrims/the Pilgrims as Popular Culture in the U.S. and beyond

The conference organizers warmly welcome participants from both within and beyond the UK. Reasonably-priced housing for the conference will be available on campus. Registration for the conference will have an option inclusive of housing, breakfasts, lunches and conference dinner. Please see the conference website for further details. 

Email 1-page proposals to SEA2020@exeter.ac.uk by 15 October 2019 (new, extended deadline)

Individual paper proposals should include

  • Presenter’s name, title, and institutional affiliation (or independent status)
  • Title and short description of the presentation.

Full session proposals should include

  • A title and overall description of the panel
  • Presenters’ names, titles, email addresses and institutional affiliation (or independent status)
  • Titles of each presentation on the panel, if applicable.

For more information, please contact the conference coordinators: Kristina Bross (bross@purdue.edu), Sinéad Moynihan (S.Moynihan@exeter.ac.uk), Bryce Traister (bryce.traister@ubc.ca).

Travel Grants for Native and Indigenous Participants 

To support the travel of Native / indigenous participants in the 2020 Conference, the program committee has set aside funds to provide travel grants of up to 800 USD for those who will be travelling from North America. The full registration fee, which includes accommodation for the duration of the conference, will also be waived for grant recipients. This is worth an additional $550, approximately.

Funds are limited, so if you wish you be considered for the travel grant and registration waiver, please supply a one-page statement with your proposal providing an estimate – including a breakdown of costs (flights; other travel) – of travel costs up to a maximum of $800. Only those who are on the program for the conference will be eligible for the travel grant and registration waiver. Funds will be awarded by the SEA.

If you have already sent in a paper proposal and wish to be considered for a travel grant and registration waiver please write to sea2020@exeter.ac.uk, providing the information stipulated above.

The deadline for receiving applications for the travel grant and registration waiver is the same as that for proposals. This has now been extended to 15 October 2019.

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