Dues for the Society of Early Americanists are designed to cover the costs of publication of the newsletter and of convention programming. Dues are structured according to the following categories: scholars employed in academic or other professional institutions; graduate students; independent scholars; secondary school teachers; part-time or adjunct faculty; and staff at a historic site, museum, or library. Dues are posted on the Society website and payable in U.S. currency only.


The central publication of the Society of Early Americanists shall be the Society of Early Americanists Newsletter (SEAN). The Editor serves the Society at the wishes of the Executive Officers. Editorial policies shall be determined by the Editor and the Council of Officers of the Society. The Society shall sponsor whatever electronic media it deems useful for the promotion of its mission of furthering the exchange of ideas and information among scholars of early American studies. The Society will approve the moderators of electronic venues and provide general guidelines for their operation.



Executive Officers are elected officers; they serve the Society in an executive capacity.

President. The President of the Society of Early Americanists shall preside at the annual business meeting and chair any other meetings of the Council of Officers of the Society. The President shall oversee any proposals for change or emendation to the Constitution and/or Bylaws of the Society of Early Americanists. The President shall attempt to facilitate congenial relations among all members of the Society.

Vice President. The Vice President shall substitute for any functions of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall be responsible for recording and distributing among the Council of Officers the minutes of the annual business meeting of the Society and those from the meeting of the Council of Officers of the Society.

Executive Coordinator. The Executive Coordinator is in charge of member relations, such as recruitment and communication. The Executive Coordinator shall also archive the Society’s records and serve as financial proxy to the Treasurer. The Executive Coordinator will oversee the balloting in elections to the post of the new Executive Coordinator, along with any other elections that should become necessary during the course of the Executive Coordinator’s term. The Executive Coordinator will facilitate the balloting for any proposed changes or emendations to the Constitution and/or the Bylaws of the Society of Early Americanists. In the case of the absence of the Vice President from the annual business meeting and the meeting(s) of the Council of Officers of the Society, the Executive Coordinator will record and distribute minutes of the meetings.

The Executive Officers shall determine the time and place of the annual business meeting and shall be empowered to act for the Society between meetings on matters that do not require a general ballot. The formal actions of the Executive Officers, whether in electronic session or at regularly stated meetings of SEA, shall be recorded in SEA’s records and publicized at the annual business meeting of the Society.


Advisory Officers, appointed officers (except in the case of the Past President), serve the Executive Officers in an advisory capacity.

Editor of the Society of Early Americanists Newsletter (SEAN). The Editor of SEAN is an appointed post; the Editor thus serves at the discretion of the Executive Officers of the Society to oversee the only official publication of the Society.

Moderation of the Society listserv (EARAM-L). The Moderator’s post is appointed by the Executive Officers.
The EARAM-L Listserv shall provide a means of communication between members. The Moderator will archive listserv posts and make them available to list members.

Past President of the Society. The Past President of the Society serves a two-year term as an Advisory Officer, after the post of President has been completed. The Past President shall advise the Executive Officers, especially in questions concerning the general membership and the future of the organization.

The Treasurer of the Society. The Treasurer will be in charge of the central business office of the Society, have custody of Society funds, and serve as primary signatory for the Society’s bank and credit card accounts. The Treasurer shall file the annual tax returns and maintain the status of the Society as a non-profit entity under IRS regulations. The Treasurer shall prepare documentation for a biennial financial review by an audit committee appointed by the President. The home state of the Treasurer will be the location of the Society as a non-profit entity.

At-Large Representative. If the President deems it useful, the President may appoint, for the two-year term of his or her presidency, a regular member in good standing to serve in an advisory capacity to the organization. It will be the responsibility of this member to consider the interests of the membership at large in any matters that should arise.


The Society of Early Americanists will sponsor a meeting of its membership every two years. Site selection and the appointment of program chairman will be determined by vote of the governing council chaired by the SEA President. A member of the governing council will participate as a member of the program committee. The President will serve as signatory of all contracts requiring the commitment of SEA funds. The Program Chair will oversee the Program Committee, the local meeting arrangements, and preparation of calls for session proposals and calls for papers, publicity, and the preparation of the printed program and registration materials. SEA will pay mailing costs. Once the Program Committee has prepared a draft program it will be submitted to the SEA governing council for approval. The financial record of the proceeds and expenses of the meeting shall be published in the annual minutes of the SEA business meeting.

In years when the biennial meeting are not scheduled, the Society of Early Americanists can at its discretion sponsor or co-sponsor conferences on special topics in the field of Early American studies. The SEA Governing Council will consider and approve all proposals for such meetings. The SEA President will serve as the signatory of all contracts for such meetings and serve as liaison for the committees overseeing their design and implementation. The financial record of the proceeds and expenses of such meetings shall be published in the annual minutes of the SEA business meeting.

The Society of Early Americanists will sponsor annual sessions at the meetings of the American Literature Association, American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies, and whatever other scholarly meetings it deems suitable. The Vice-President, or a committee delegated by the Vice-President, shall determine the content of these sessions and oversee the publicity and logistics of SEA’s participation in these affiliated organizations. The Vice-President will also introduce to the Governing Council all proposals for formal affiliation with scholarly organizations for the Council’s approval.


The Society of Early Americanists reserves the right to honor SEA members and distinguished contributors to the field of Early American Studies by awarding plaques bearing the Society’s logo, the Society’s statement of purpose, and a brief text citing the causes for the award. These recognitions shall be awarded at the SEA’s regular meeting and publicized in the Society’s electronic and print fora.

Carla J. Mulford, Founding President

Rosemary Fithian Guruswamy, Founding Vice-President

Sharon M. Harris, Founding Executive Coordinator

[1994; Revised and Approved, March 3, 2011; August 1, 2015; May 4, 2017]


Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814), Manuscript for History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution, 3 vols. Boston, 1805, Library of Congress, Manuscript Division (7A)


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