SEA EC Elections 2021

Society of Early Americanists Executive Coordinator Elections 2021

Call for Nominations for the position of SEA Executive Coordinator


The Society of Early Americanists announces our biennial election to choose our next Executive Coordinator. Serving in this capacity requires a six-year commitment: after two years as Executive Coordinator, the successful candidate will serve for two years as Vice President and then two years as President. Candidates from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged, to ensure and enhance the diversity of SEA leadership.

The chief duties of the Executive Coordinator involve maintaining accurate subscription and membership records, as well as overseeing mailings.

The Vice President is primarily responsible for coordinating panels at conferences of SEA affiliates, coordinating off-year workshops and seminars, and supporting the organization together with the Executive Coordinator and President.

The President is expected to provide leadership, coordinate SEA activities, organize the biennial conference, liaise with the other officers, continue to develop the organization, and foster other areas of interest to the membership.

Executive Officers in the SEA fill their roles as an honorary service to the profession and scholarly community. All candidates will be asked to provide a letter from their home institutions, addressed to the SEA President, indicating the willingness of that institution to support the work of the organization for the full six years. This support can take various forms, including the cost of travel to meetings, tech support, and office supplies. Support from the home institution may also include staff support for conference planning, as the SEA budget does not fully cover these expenditures. We recommend that candidates negotiate with their home institutions about these matters and would be happy to provide more information.

The deadline for nominations and self-nominations is January 15, 2021. Candidates running for election must be members in good standing, and nominations must also come from members in good standing. A majority vote from SEA members decides the successful candidate.

The overall timeline will be as follows:
— January 15, 2021: deadline for nominations.
— January 22-February 19, 2021: circulation of candidate platforms and election
— February 22, 2021: new EC announced
— July 1, 2021: transition to new EC completed

If you have any questions about the Executive Coordinator position, please contact

Patrick Erben, President:

To nominate yourself or a colleague for the position, please contact

Sandra Gustafson, Executive Coordinator:



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