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Archive of the Society of Early Americanists Newsletter (SEAN)

The SEA Newsletter features informative material such as letters from SEA officers, announcements about conferences and other professional opportunities, and interviews with scholars and editors. The Newsletter is issued to current SEA members twice yearly, Spring and Fall. To receive the SEA Newsletter and to become a member, please visit the Membership page.

Please see below a sample Archive of the SEA Newsletter, Fall 2011- Fall 2016:

SEAN 23.2, Fall 2011

SEAN 24.1, Spring 2012

SEAN 24.2, Fall 2012

SEAN 25.1, Spring 2013

SEAN 25.2, Fall 2013

SEAN 26.1, Spring 2014

SEAN 26.2, Fall 2014

SEAN 27.1, Spring 2015

SEAN 27.2, Fall 2015

SEAN 28.1, Spring 2016

SEAN 28.2, Fall 2016

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