Jay Fliegelman (d. 14 August 2007)

September 8, 2007

Dear colleagues:

In sadness I write to say that I learned only this afternoon that Jay Fliegelman died in August. He made a valiant struggle against cancer and related issues. His work in early American studies helped bring increased interest among historians to our field. Indeed, he was an exemplary “crossover” scholar who had important impact across disciplines from the moment he entered into the realm of scholarly discourse.

I did not know Jay well, and I did not study with him, but I came to know him professionally, and I admired his work. Perhaps those who knew him better will come along and share their memories of him as a professor and colleague. In the meanwhile, I forward you copy from the Stanford publication commemorating his life. The link has a great picture of Jay.

Time might be the fatal wrack of mortal things, but Jay’s memory is quite strong among those who knew him and those, like me, whom his work touched.

Yours sincerely,

Carla Mulford
Department of English
Pennsylvania State University

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